Ash Sutton designs

Ashley Sutton interior designs attract attention. With jaw-dropping bars across Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the Australian-born interior designer has made a name for himself in Asia. His interior designs frequently top the must-see lists and things-to-do compilations – and it’s not hard to see why.

Ash Sutton has created a niche for himself, where his majestic, magical and other-worldly bars borrow from history, style and industrial design. The stunning result of his hard work and vision simply demands attention.

From the original in Bangkok, the Iron Fairies interior design has spread to Tokyo and Hong Kong, announcing Ashley Sutton as a top performer in the industry. His almost legendary bars include the colonial-themed speakeasy Maggie Choo’s, 1930s Chinoiserie-themed Sing Sing Theater and the high-end, exclusive J. Boroski interior design.

Ashley Sutton Design is also responsible for the delicious treat that is Mr Jones’ Orphanage in Bangkok and Tokyo – a whimsically fun cake shop appealing to adults and kids alike.

Please contact Ash Sutton for industrial design enquiries.