Sing Sing Theater

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  • Bangkok

Sing Sing Theater, Ashley Sutton’s Bangkok interior design marvel

Ash Sutton’s latest night club and interior design is heavily influenced by the Far East. Lanterns adorn the ceiling – their red light reminiscent of an old-style theatre – while intricate wrought iron patternwork re-creates the feeling of a busy Chinese streetscape.

It’s not hard to see why Sing Sing Theater is a popular venue for themed and dress-up parties. The unique interior captures the essence of old-world Chinese luxury, where gracefully decorative dragon motifs combine with traditional decorations and modern design.

The interior design is instantly recognisable as an Ashley Sutton Design creation – stretching across four floors and six split levels, the bar interior includes two downstairs bars, a dance floor and stage area and an overhanging balcony. Based loosely on a Chinese brothel, the interior design holds lots of little surprises – including hidden seating areas, private balconies and secret passageways.

Luxurious decor and materials add to the opulence, giving Sing Sing Theater a Hollywood-esque Chinoiserie appeal straight out of the 1930s.

Ash Sutton ensures there’s something for everyone here. The stage and dance floor area hosts a wide variety of musical, cultural and theatrical acts. During the week, Sing Sing Theater offers a great place for the after-dinner crowd, with more of a nightclub vibe on the weekends.

For more information about the Sing Sing Theater or any of his other Bangkok interior designs, please contact Ashley Sutton Design.