The Bookshop

  • Bar
  • Bangkok

Ash Sutton designs Bangkok’s fairytale venues

The Bookshop is like something straight out of the movies – a mix between Alice in Wonderland and something out of Harry Potter that looks totally magical. Ashley Sutton, the mastermind behind some of Bangkok’s most famous interior designs, has created a real-life fairytale experience.

Wrought iron tendrils give the impression that a tidal wave has swept in and left everything frozen in a permanent state of suspended animation. Books hang suspended from the ceiling, moving up and down as if about to fall. Upended bookshelves decorate the walls and ceiling.

Typical of an Ash Sutton interior design, the small space is packed with surprises and a delightful mixture of luxury and industrial design features, from bar stool seating around stylish marble gueridons to plush velvet couches.

The Bookshop interior design cleverly combines the right combination of wonder and awe, while still providing a relaxed vibe. Frequent collaborator Joseph Boroski is on-hand with a menu of cleverly named cocktails. Drinks are grouped into three categories by strength – Introduction, Chapter 1 and The End –  with catchy book-themed names like The Librarian, The Plot Thickens and The Ernest Hemingway.

Smooth jazz and bossa nova background music creates a chilled-out and conversation-friendly atmosphere.

Please contact Ashley Sutton for more information about his unique interior designs throughout Bangkok.