Maggie Choo’s

  • Bar
  • Bangkok

Ash Sutton designs Bangkok bar Maggie Choo’s to rave reviews

Appearances can be deceiving – and Ashley Sutton has used this to great effect in Maggie Choo’s concept interior design. Guests enter through an old, wooden Chinese door. At first glance, it looks like you’ve stepped into a Cantonese restaurant… and you’d be right. The glorious smells, textures and tastes of the food and atmosphere setting the scene and heightening the anticipation.

Ash Sutton interior designs are known for their surprises and secrets – and this is no exception. The real Maggie Choo’s is hidden behind a black curtain to the side of the restaurant.

Reminiscent of something out of the movies, the interior design features several private vault areas – said to be the East India Trading Company’s secret underground vault. The bar interior is dripping with old-world decadence, complete with busts of Queen Victoria, old paintings, velvet sets and leather couches.

Cheongsam-clad ladies dangle decorously from swings attached to the ceiling. The central bar puts you in mind of a Bond movie, decorated to look like a classic casino cashier counter.

The interior design is packed with luxuriantly exotic features – from secret passageways hidden behind the walls to two-way mirrors. Creatively named cocktails, like the HMS Leviathan and Empress of India, continue the colonial-era theme.

Maggie Choo’s offers a unique speakeasy atmosphere, with dimmed lights, smooth jazz and live bands setting the mood. Please contact Ashley Sutton if you would like to find out more about Maggie Choo’s or his current interior design projects.