Mr Jones’ Orphanage

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Ash Sutton designs Bangkok cake shop, Mr Jones’ Orphanage

Famous for his other-worldy interior designs, Ashley Sutton has applied his unique perspective to a new venture, creating Bangkok’s most popular new cake shop. Mr Jones’ Orphanage combines whimsical design with tasty treats, coaxing guests into a dream-like enjoyment.

Outside the orphanage-themed cake shop and cafe, you will find a drop-off for ‘orphaned’ teddy bears. These bears feature strongly in the interior design, working with Lego, toy soldiers and delicious sweet treats to unleash your inner child.

But there’s lots to please both tall and small guests – from the mouth-watering menu to a special upstairs library, accessible excusively for those under 5ft in height.

The design theme here is fun. The interior of light timbers and soft blue velvet houses a huge range of toys, re-creating the toyshop of your childhood dreams. In typical Ashley Sutton Design fashion, the dining hall centrepiece is a show-stopping carousel of fruit and wooden horses, while paper planes hang playfully from the ceiling.

Take your pick from a huge list of sandwiches, savoury snacks and sweet-tooth treats, including custom in-house creations featuring cakes, biscuits, marshmallow, ice-cream and drinks.

Mr Jones’ Orphanage is open until 11pm, with specialist cocktails available in the evening and takeaway options for those in a rush.

The popular cake shop has opened in multiple locations across Bangkok and Japan, proving that Ash Sutton designs appeal to all ages. For more information about Mr Jones’ Orphanage or his other interior designs in Bangkok and Tokyo, please contact Ashley Sutton.