Hong Kong interior design king transforming the nightlife

With three jaw-dropping bar designs opening in Hong Kong in perfect timing for the city’s peak winter nightlife season, locals and tourists will be spoilt for choice – and it’s all thanks to Australian interior designer extraordinaire, Ashley Sutton.

Teaming up with hospitality group Dining Concepts, Ash Sutton has created three distinctly unique bar designs in Hong Kong – adding a touch of intrigue, excitement and exclusivity to Hong Kong’s bar and nightlife scene.

Ash Sutton is most synonymous with The Iron Fairies – a hybrid interior design combining the interior of a metal workshop with an enchanted fairy garden. Based on his books of the same name, and with similar bars in Bangkok and Tokyo, The Iron Fairies concept has already proven a hit.

And it’s not hard to see why. The otherworldly interior features private booths in the shape of furnaces and more than 10 000 butterflies suspended from the ceiling, as if floating in the breeze. Vials of fairy dust adorn the walls and fairy figurines decorate the tables, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

For J. Boroski, Ash Sutton has teamed up with the famous mixologist and cocktail master, Joseph Boroski, creating a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar. Boasting a ‘cocktail concierge service’, the J. Boroski interior design is all about high-end luxury. Every drink is created from scratch, based on the customers preferences and using an exotic and rare range of spirits.

Using leather-bound beetles to decorate curved timber ceilings and a coconut-oil-massaged teak bar stretching the length of the room, the interior design evokes a refined intimacy – making it the ideal starting point for a night out.

Taking inspiration from the old tale of Mr. Wong’s bird emporium and his prized Javanese peacock, Ophelia is escapism at its finest. Real peacock feathers decorate the walls, surrounded by plush velvet, leather and metalwork in the style of old-world opium dens. The interior design oozes decadent sensuality, complete with over-sized birdcages where live dancers titillate the crowds.

If you need another reason to visit his Hong Kong interior designs, Ash Sutton and Dining Concepts recently took out the award for Best Bar or Restaurant in the FX Interior Design Awards for Ophelia – making it an unmissable stop if you’re in the neighbourhood.

Originally appeared in a press release issued by Spice Marketing Asia. Read the full press release.