Ashley Sutton’s exuberantly appointed bars and restaurants are about to storm Hong Kong

Ash Sutton’s theme-based interior design is unlike anything else. Each industrial design element is carefully crafted by hand, with heart and soul poured into every nook and cranny. Along with Sutton’s trademark whimsy and extravagance each bar is created and curated to fit the unique character of its location.

Ash Sutton loves dreaming up ideas and knows how to make them come to life. Although he lacks any formal background or training in interior design, a few hours alone onsite is all he needs to formulate a basic idea and plan the layout – the rest comes as he works.

A thriving, bustling, colourful hive of activity, Hong Kong perfectly complements the mysticism Sutton is known for and is home to three of his bar openings this month:

  • Iron Fairies – an extension of the original Iron Fairies interior design in Bangkok, the Hong Kong version combines an iron-smith factory vibe with a smooth jazz bar. Filled with the titular fairies and featuring edgy, industrial design, the menu is equally juxtapository – with hefty burgers and comfort food offset by whimsically named cocktails.
  • J. Boroski – also based on Bangkok bar of the same name, this high-end cocktail bar features modern industrial design and clean lines, for a more stylish, sophisticated vibe. Designed for a mixologist friend, the bar promises exotic cocktails and a New York feel.
  • Ophelia – the largest of the three interior designs, Ophelia is based on the story of a girl’s fascination with peacocks, with a sexy, feminine feel. A high-end restaurant, industrial design elements including copper and steel contrast with lush velvet and striking colours.

Stepping into one of Ash Sutton’s bars is like stepping into another world – one where he lets his mind wander off into flights of fancy and a world of make-believe. It’s proving to be a popular world, with Ash Sutton designs in high demand across Asia and beyond.

Originally appeared in Prestige Magazine as ‘Iron Man’, published by Paul Ehrlich. Download the full article.