Fly by every night – Bangkok interior designer Ashley Sutton is bringing his Iron Fairies to Hong Kong

Described as “Bangkok’s golden boy of interior design”, Ashley Sutton is bringing his famous Iron Fairies bar to Central Hong Kong. Originally an idea that popped into his head during his days as a miner in Western Australia, Iron Fairies began as a book, before Sutton opened prototype bars in Perth and New York.

The first Iron Fairies bar opened in Bangkok. It was a mastery of magic – between the namesake fairies and a whimsical spiral staircase to nowhere – that catapulted Ash Sutton to stardom overnight.

While no two bars are the same, there are telltale trademarks reflecting Ash Sutton’s famous edginess. Industrial design elements, including rust and gorgeous blue-green verdigris combine with wrought iron features and fantastically named cocktails to create a stunning, surreal environment.

Each Ash Sutton interior design is a “work of heartbreaking genius that scales uncharted alps of cool, a hotspot with a waiting list as long as its cocktails, and a frenetic buzzing furore” – bringing back old-world glitz, glamour and mysticism.

Originally appeared in the South China Morning Post as ‘Fly by every night’, published by Jason Gagliardi. You can download the full article.